Used to transmit power and most used signal buses
    Many diameters and IP protection grades
    Electrical connectors with monoblock rings with different diameters sold with or without brush and brush holders
    with or without through hole, also available in stainless steel
    Used to transmit different type of fluids


Within a very large number of industry machineries there is the need to transport electrical current, data or fluids from one part to another through moving parts, most of all rotating parts; in order to do this, an electro-mechanic device allowing the transmission of electric and/or power signals from a static to a rotating structure, continuously on the 360°, is needed.

Here are the types of joints that are most requested by our clients.

  1. Electrical rotary distributors

    This distributor has a minimum protection IP55, it is made by one or more rings (up to more than 100), it can transmit weak intensity signals to data transmission; it conveys currents from a few Amperes to hundreds of Amperes. Depending on the characteristics of the machinery it is used in, it can be equipped with a through hole and/or hooks of a particular size and shape.

    Electrical rotary distributors

  2. Fluidic rotary distributors

    This distributor allows the rotation transmission in air, water, oil or gas through one or more ducts. Depending on client’s needs, single or combined fluids can be transported. Depending on the characteristics of the machinery it is used in, it can be equipped with a through hole and/or hooks of a particular size and shape.

    Fluidic rotary distributors

  3. Combined electro-fluidic rotary distributors

    This type of distributor combines in a single product the characteristics of both electrical and fluidic distributors. Such solution is extremely effective when there are space and costs issues.

    Combined electro-fluidic rotary distributors

  4. Mercotac

    Mercotac, the original American quicksilver collector assembled on a ball bearing, available on all models with its connections. Among its specific characteristics, the great reliability and the “clarity” of the transmitted signal, along with the chance to transmit powers using a minimum amount of space.


  5. Monobloc Collectors

    Monobloc collectors, engineered by stamping bronze rings with fiberglass or bi-component resin: a high quality and very reliable product at a competitive price. Various ring and hole sizes are available, according to the application. For these collectors, only top quality materials are used, and the tolerance of the holes, a key parameter for the insertion of the collector into the machinery, is guaranteed by a lab with certified measurement instruments.

    Monobloc Collectors

  6. Brush holders and brushes

    Among the accessories available to our clients of course there are several brushes, in electrographite, metagraphite or silver graphite. According to their different application, they will have different size, connections and most of all different allowed peripheral resistivity and speed. The brushes distributed by Enerspin are built by leading companies, mainly German, able to guarantee top performances. In addition to selling these produtcs, Enerspin also offers the brush corner rounding service, in order improve their adherence to the rings and enhance their performance.

    Enerspin supplies brush holders for every kind of ring collectors, both in resin, resin-brass and brass body, with holes of different diameter and suitable for all uses and brush change modes. Among the models, the version with compasses moving arms, fixed distributor and charcoal holder.

    Brush holders and brushes

  7. Special application

    Rotary distributors are used not only in all market mentioned before but also in different application as, for example, prototyping or entertainment. Thanks to our decennal experience and our strong vocation for consulting, Enerspin is the right partners in the design and construction of machines for special applications, helping our customers achieve the objectives that were set both in terms of time and technical performance.

    Special application