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Used to transmit power and most used signal buses


Electrical connectors with monoblock rings with different diameters sold with or without brush and brush holders


Enerspin is a dynamic company that has its roots in the twenty-year experience of its creators, but with the awareness that the world of industry at a global level is evolving, requiring competence, dynamism, professionalism and reliability from companies. Enerspin does not act as a simple supplier of electrical (slip-ring) and electro-fluidic rotary distributors, but as a true partner of its customers to help them identify the best solutions with a view to innovation and industry 4.0



Our team includes skills in both the electrical and mechanical fields. Both of these “skills” are strategic in the design of custom solutions that take into consideration the multiple needs of customers. In addition to the internal skills, Enerspin supports a close relationship of collaboration with the producers of those elements that are strategic within the slip-rings such as bearings, gaskets, brushes and brush holders; in this way it is possible to guarantee the most demanding customers ad hoc solutions that do not exist on the market. As part of Industry 4.0, Enerspin has invested in a partnership of expertise with the CNR (National Research Center) through which it has also created a test bench totally dedicated to tests for Industrial Ethernet and Powerlink® signals


Highly automated production lines, and more particularly many high-efficiency machinery, need to transfer current, signals (both digital and analog), air (and other fluids) and even product from a fixed part to a rotating one: they therefore need an electric rotary distributor. Enerspin specializes in custom solutions, so every request will correspond to a project and a product capable of satisfying even the most extreme needs. Below we have macroscopically divided the types of products most requested by our customers.

Electrical rotary distributors

To bring current and / or signals from a fixed part to a rotating one, it is necessary to have an electric rotating distributor. Enerspin specializes in designing and manufacturing slip-rings of size and performance that adapt to customer needs. Depending on the solutions adopted, the currents may vary from a few amps to hundreds, carrying signals such as thermocouples or digital signals to the most sophisticated industrial buses such as the Ethercat or the Powerlink. These products may have degrees of protection up to IP68. Enerspin designs solutions with and without through hole and with mechanical couplings designed to be integrated into the machinery of its customers. Enerspin slip-ring electric distributors are supplied with cables both at the stator and rotor part, of the length desired by the customer and, if necessary, already connectorized. If you need to combine the electrical and signal parts with the fluidic part (link), we advise you to view the section on electro-fluidic rotating distributors (link). If your application has no particular needs, Enerspin has developed more “standard” products that you can find here (link)

 Electrical rotary distributors

Fluidic rotary distributors

To bring a fluid (such as air, water, oil, gas or even product) from a fixed part to a rotating one, it is necessary to have a fluidic rotary joint. Enerspin specializes in designing and manufacturing joints of size and performance that adapt to customer needs. Depending on the solutions adopted, the joints can have from one to dozens of ways and different types of exits depending on the needs and type of fittings used by customers. If there is a need to combine the current and / or signal part with a fluidic joint, then it will be necessary to use an electro-fluidic slip-ring, which you can find in this section (link).

Combined electro-fluidic rotary distributors

When there is the need to combine an electric rotating slip-ring (link) with a fluidic joint (link), the solution is an Electro-fluidic rotating distributor. By combining the features of both products together, Enerspin offers solutions that are modular (thus being able to separate the components as needed) or combined (a non-separable distributor). An electro-fluidic distributor is not always a complex object, sometimes, especially in the world of packaging (but not only), an airway is combined with an electric slip-ring. For solutions of this type, please refer to the section of our “standard series” (link).

Our "series"

Enerspin is specialized in custom Slip-ring solutions, but, in order to meet the “last minute” needs of some customers, and at the same time be competitive from a commercial point of view, we have decided to create “series” whose mechanics are always available in our warehouse. The series mainly differ in diameter and type of coverage according to the diagrams below. If you have no size limits, with a solution of our DXX series, you will have a product with Made in Italy quality at the best price on the market.


For those customers who require a miniaturization of the manifold, but who do not want “made in China” solutions that sin for low quality and poor reliability, Enerspin offers the original American MERCOTAC® solution. These products, whose undisputed quality has made them famous all over the world, use mercury for signal conduction. We have dedicated a brief study in this article (link) that we recommend you read. Below you will find the Mercotac® products distributed by Enerspin with their peculiarities and downloadable data sheets.

Monobloc Collectors

Some machines, especially in the world of packaging, mainly use “open” solutions defined as Monobloc Manifolds. These products, made by molding bronze rings with resin loaded with glass fibers or and two-component, are made internally and on their own project. The monobloc solutions foresee, unlike the slip-rings, the separate supply of brushes, brush holders and insulated pins. The customer, independently, then proceeds with the assembly of the supplied components in the machine.

Brush holders and brushes

Among the manufacturers of slip-rings, two types of “wire” or “brush” contact are used. Enerspin in its history has opted for the latter. If you like to learn more about the topic, we have talked about it here. (Link) These products are therefore proposed as “spare parts” of electric rotary distributors, and as supply elements of monobloc manifolds.