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Electrical rotary distributors


When there is a need to combine a fluidic joint with an electric rotating slip-ring, the solution is an electro-fluidic rotating distributor. By combining the features of both products together, Enerspin offers solutions that are modular (thus being able to separate the components as needed) or combined (a non-separable distributor). An electro-fluidic distributor is not always a complex object, sometimes, especially in the world of packaging (but not only), an airway is combined with an electric slip-ring. For solutions of this type, please refer to the section of our “standard series”. Here are some examples of Electro-fluidic Distributors made by Enerspin.

Model Series D1220

Example of electro-fluidic distributor with 2 air ways of G1 / 4 “+ 1 static passage of G1 / 2” with 7 power ways of 20A – 400V + 16 ways of 5A 30V dc + 2 analog signals.
Application : Stainless steel polishing

Model Series D11

Example of a G1 / 8 “4-way electro-fluidic distributor with 10 electrical ways for limit switches and connection for external encoder drive.
Application : Printing machine

Model Series D11

Example of electro-fluidic distributor with 1 air way G3 / 8 “with 6 outlets + 2 ways power supply 16A at 240Vac + 1 way Prufibus.
Application : rotary table

Model Series D11

Example of 2-way G3 / 8 “water-flow eletrofluidic distributor + 1 drain + 1 G3 / 8” air-way with 6 2A 30V dc auxiliary ways + 3-way Mercotac manifold for profibus.
Application : welding-brazing machine.