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Fluidic joints


To bring a fluid (such as air, water, oil, gas or even product) from a fixed part to a rotating part, it is necessary to have a fluidic rotating joint. Enerspin specializes in designing and manufacturing joints of size and performance that adapt to customer needs. Depending on the solutions adopted, the joints can have from one to dozens of ways and different types of exits depending on the needs and type of fittings used by customers. If there is a need to combine the current and / or signal part with a fluidic joint, then it will be necessary to use a electrofluidic distributor (slip-ring), which found in this section . Here are some examples of Fluidic Joints made by Enerspin.

G160 Series

Example of 2-way water joint G 1 “+ drainage G1 / 8” + 1 air way G 1 “with 76 mm through hole.
Application : printed production line

G050 Series

Example of 3-way G 1/2 “100bar oil joint without through hole.
Application : rotary table

G170 Series

Example of 2-way G2 “1/2 joint for product + drainage + 2 air-way G1 / 2” with multiple outlets.
Application : filling machine

G120 Series

Example of 2-way air joint 1xG1 “+ 1xG3 / 8” with multiple outlet and through hole.
Application : bottling machines