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Enerspin Services

Enerspin, compared to some competitors, proposes itself on the market with a more dedicated approach to service. In fact, since we do not produce “standard” distributors, the first contact with the customer is always of a consultative type: it is essential to immediately define the real needs to be satisfied. Most of the time this generates the study and creation of an ad hoc slip-ring, but each customer has different needs, and the Enerspin staff has the skills to give the right answer to every question. Here we have the possibility to review non-Enerspin distributors, or, where necessary, reverse engineer very old products to replicate them. In recent years, retrofitting is a service that is enjoying great success among our customers, especially if it is carried out with the dedication and comp etenza of the Enerspin men.


Design is certainly Enerspin’s distinctive service. The competence of our staff, the network of technical partners who support us in solving the most disparate problems to be faced are the key to our success. Knowing how to ask the right question is the key to identifying the correct solution: at Enerspin a project is never produced without an in-depth “chat” with the customer. We talked about the value of consulting, which for us is strategic, here . Twenty years of experience in all areas of application of slip-rings gives our project office a 360-degree view of the most diverse problems and their solutions. The pride of Enerspin is its responsiveness to the problems posed by our customers: the average time to receive a detailed technical proposal is less than a week!


All mechanical components of Enerspin products are made to our design with numerical control machines by partners of excellence. Strategic components such as brushes and brush holders are defined with primary suppliers (world leaders) and, where necessary, ad hoc products. Assembly and testing before delivery are instead carried out by our staff within the Enerspin facilities.


Each Enerspin product is tested according to law before shipping to the customer. Over the years, and to meet the needs of important customers, we have developed several test benches for our products. Among these, the one developed with the CNR dedicated to tests for the part of signals we have talked about here (Link) certainly stands out. The benches that can be adapted for different needs are flanked by professional measuring instruments capable of increasing the range of product checks applicable to Enerspin slip-rings.

Technical Support/Retrofit

It often happens that old machines, extremely expensive but still fully functional, find themselves with a distributor that has never been maintained and gives problems. Thanks to its expertise, Enerspin is able to verify the origins of the damage, perform extraordinary maintenance and restore it to its original functionality. Sometimes the damage is so serious that it is worth replacing it for repairs, and therefore through the study of the damaged slip-ring it is studied and made his copy that will last many more years. From the perspective of industry 4.0 and more generally in the optimization of machinery, the need arises to modernize some parts to increase performance. This “technical make-up” operation is called retrofit. For a professional retrofit important skills are required that are able to combine the mechanical constraints of an existing machine on the one hand and the new performance required by the manufacturer on the other: this operation is, for us at Enerspin, daily bread. If you want to deepen the topic, we talked about it here .