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Enerspin is a dynamic company that has its roots in the twenty-year experience of its creators, but with the awareness that the world of industry on a global level is evolving requiring from companies competence, dynamism, professionalism and reliability. Enerspin does not act as a simple supplier of rotary distributors electric (slip-ring) and electrofluidic , but as a true partner of its customers to help them identify the best solutions for innovation and industry 4.0

« A machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of an extraordinary man »


The Enerspin Philosophy

Enerspin is a company that focuses on product and process quality. The quality of an ethical product chosen by Enerspin’s management is to focus on Italian excellence in the field of industrial manufacturing by interacting with local players. Thanks to these synergies we aim for a very high quality but with response times and flexibility of solutions not achievable by large and delocalized structures. Process quality, on the other hand, starts from the relationship of trust and partnership that is established with the customer. Each new project is accompanied by technical data sheets, complete 3D drawings provided to customers in digital formats useful for the purpose of dimensional verification of the distributor inside the industrial machinery. Even if several reviews of the project are needed to reach the definitive solution, no fee is required from the customer, because customer satisfaction is the first goal of the Enerspin team. < / p>


At Enerspin we never stop training, because the market is constantly evolving, and our customers need a partner capable of speaking on increasingly disparate topics. The world of slip-rings is made up of multiple themes that must be treated with specific skills. Among the most complex, but at the same time increasingly strategic topics in the context of Industry 4.0, is the management, through slip-rings, of Industrial Ethernet and increasingly performing buses such as Powerlink®. In this context, Enerspin has started a partnership process with the CNR (National Research Center) IEET and the University of Padua which has led us to have a unique test bench of its kind. We have dedicated an entire article (link) to this topic